Knitting with Clay

In high school, my first job was working at a cosmetics boutique in the mall with my mom. I learned how to give makeovers and pierce ears, and was able to save up enough money to buy my first car at age 17. It was the first of many retail jobs I held over the years.

I attended the University of Florida and graduated with a degree in Journalism, supporting myself through scholarships and part-time retail jobs.

After graduation, I got a job working for a brokerage firm, became a registered associate, and spent my days assisting clients with their retirement and investment accounts.

In 2011, I met and married my husband (all within six months!), and we moved from the Florida panhandle to Oklahoma City, where I soon became a full-time, stay-at-home mom.

With more free time on my hands, I re-learned how to knit (I knit a couple scarves in college) and discovered a creative outlet I didn't know I'd been missing. I dove into the world of wool by learning to spin yarn on a drop spindle and later purchasing a spinning wheel. With all the spinning fiber I had acquired, I briefly dabbled in the art of needle felting.

One day, when I was researching needle felting tutorials on YouTube, I stumbled upon a tutorial on how to create eyes and noses for your needle-felted animals out of polymer clay. So, I went to the craft store and picked up a block of black clay to make a bear nose.

From there, I began to research every day about these colorful little blocks of polymer clay, and my eyes were opened to the limitless possibilities of what I could create. Being a knitter, my first thought was to make stitch markers and progress keepers. My Etsy shop had only been open a few months (mainly selling hand-sewn needle holders), when I put my first clay creations up for sale. Since I usually sculpt my treats with knitters and crocheters in mind, I try to keep them on the tinier side, to keep stitches from pulling and sagging.

I am constantly learning and trying new things. I love going to Pinterest to get new ideas for the tiny treats in my shop, as well as simply making things that I love or that bring back warm memories. Food has a way of doing that!

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